Based in Montreal and Toronto, 22GEMINI is founded by us; two best friends (Mikayla and Vivien, lovely to meet you!). It's been a dream for us to create a brand that unifies practicality and purpose with pieces that are lovingly handmade/designed by us with, what is arguably, a keen (and obnoxious) attention to detail, colour and design.

It all started with an idea to create a tote and crossbody bag that can be easily cleaned after a day out running errands; from shopping carts, the bottom of our car, on public surfaces our bags are ultra exposed to bacteria and germs. Since leather goods are much more challenging to maintain with constant and daily cleaning, we decided to source out materials that are conducive to everyday wipe downs without compromising the integrity of the product itself. The Jelly Clear and The Jelly Gloss bags are not only incredibly easy to clean, they are also effortless to style! 

Coupled with Mikayla's passion and background in the beauty and skin care world and Vivien's love of cute and functional accessories; together, we knew we would be an unstoppable force with our combined creativity.